“The Easy Email Formulas for Doubling Sales in the Next 3 Weeks

all successful list owners scale

their business fast with these 15 email flows…”

Despite all the rumors EMAIL IS ALIVE AND GROWING

There are over 6 billion email accounts worldwide.

This figure is predicted to reach 7.71 billion by the end of 2021, which is a growth of more than 22% – Radicati Group (2017)

72% of consumers say that email is their favorite way of communicating with companies they do business with.

61% say they like to receive promotional emails weekly and 28% want them even more frequently. – MarketingSherpa

66% of consumers have bought online as a direct result of an email marketing message – Direct Marketing Association

Below are the 15 essential email flows you must be using if you’re a supplement or e-commerce business…

But what if I don’t want to write ANY emails and still double sales in 3 weeks or less?

I can write them for you every single day.

I’ll segment your subscriber list into their main interest and where they are on their customer journey.

I’ll map out the customer journey for each segment of your list.

I’ll keep your subscriber list up to date and weed out anyone who hasn’t opened an email in the last 90 days.

I will have all or nearly all 15 email flows working at the same time thereby crating the ‘force multiplier’ effect and doubling sales in the first three weeks of us working together.

Every week I’ll move each segmented customer further along their customer journey creating sales and loyalty along the way.

I’ll work directly with you each week to brainstorm ideas for the following week. This includes free content. Unique offers. Brand loyalty. And more sales.

I’ll send you updates on the number of new sales made every seven days.

If you’d like to continue this conversation use the booking form below.

With these 15 email flows you’ll increase…

  • open rates and open rate frequency
  • click rate and CTR frequency
  • number of times opened
  • number of times clicked
  • topics and words most likely to be opened/clicked

Now you can make the right offer, to the right person at the right time doubling your ROI within three weeks.

Clive Cable
Clive Cable author of Influence Intelligence

Here’s what the experts say about Clive Cable…

Clive Cable is one of the country’s smartest copywriters. His ability to come up with a unique angle on just about any topic amazes me.

The term “creative genius” is often overused, but not with Clive. If you are looking for a talented copywriter or some smart marketing ideas for your business, Clive is your man!

Barry Dunlop
Income Diary.com
“Many people claim to be able to help you write a book, so I was skeptical about what Clive could give that others can’t. But I shouldn’t have been.

Where others just teach you the practical process, Clive goes so much further. I am a far better author than I could have imagined after working with Clive. Writing style, structure, grammar and ease of reading are just some of the areas we’ve improved.

Clive expertly shows you how to build layer upon layer of depth to your writing to give your reader a much richer experience.

If you want to do more than just produce a book, and instead want to become a genuine author, then I highly recommend you give Clive a call.
Danny Gosling
“Clive is a one-off kind of person who has a remarkably deep knowledge and expertise surrounding web copywriting. I went on his seminar the other night and was amazed by his insight, ideas and practical tips on how to turn your website into a more effective selling machine.
I strongly recommend him.”
James Sale
Best selling author of Mapping Motivation
“The copywriting craftsman is a suiting moniker for Clive Cable as he is an absolute master with his words
Having access to such a highly skilled professional has proved to be an invaluable asset to my business.”
David Aston
Founder at adenturehacks
“Clive is an impressive man. His writing will make you money. If you need to sell anything, Clive Cable is your guy.
Kevin Dawson
In demand Financial copywriter
“Clive has been teaching me very advanced skills of persuasion that allows me to maximize my sales and the response rates of my clients. 
I’m grateful Clive chose me to work with.”
Christine Marlow
Creator of the Marlow Method of copywriting

Ready to double your business?

Who is Clive Cable?

Clive Cable
Clive Cable author of Influence Intelligence

He’s the author of Influence Intelligence, “Why people resist you and what to do about it.”

He write emails for his clients who want to double sales from their email list and scale their business in weeks not months.

Influence Intelligence is a NEW yet proven form of persuasion that “talks” directly to the other-than-conscious mind of readers while at the same time distracting the conscious mind so the reader feels the buying decision was theirs.

As the inbox attention war rages on – the GUARANTEED way to win is with messages crafted so readers can’t ignore them.

He has a background as a commission salesman (you only eat what you kill) mentality, and his 31 years of selling through the written word to sell over $50 million. Clive becomes your “black-ops” under-the-radar email writer who gets you results that are as fast, reliable and predictable as a Japanese train.

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