“Psychitecture: Uncovering the Secrets of the Mind to Boost Website Conversions”

Is your website attracting in all the new clients you want?

If it isn’t then this article may be the answer you’re looking for.


Websites only work when there is an EXACT message to market match.

The truth is…

When you can talk about someone’s problem better than they can – they automatically believe you have the best solution for them.

How do you do that?


It gives you insights into the way someone feels and thinks about their problems and desires.

When you use Psychitecture to ‘map out the mind’ of your visitor you’ll get them to contact you.

  • With no resistance
  • No scepticism
  • No effort

Recently a client came to me to help promote his membership site.

The only problem was he wanted engineers as members.

I have no clue how to talk to these types of people.

You might as well of asked me to write to Martians.

I scoured the web for days.


Finally, after too many cups of coffee I came across a book on Psychitecture.

It was all about how people think in algorithms.

And if you could tap into those algorithms, you could understand how people behave.

How they perceive the world.

And how they think about their problems.

This was good.

I was on to something.

At that time I knew about Chat GPT and how it also uses algorithms.

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence software that mirrors human language.

It’s a tool many of the world’s best copywriters like Jon Benson and Rich Schefren use to for writing high converting sales copy.

All they are really doing is using proven formulas.

The proven formula I’ve been using successfully with all my clients since 2006 is known as “Empathy Mapping.”

The empathy map is a tool that uses specific questions that get a greater understanding of what people think and feel in certain situations.

When I combined Psychitecture with Empathy Mapping something strange happened.

I mean scarily strange.

Chat GPT gave me the exact thought patterns an engineer would have when invited to join a membership site that would get rid of their cashflow problems once and for all.

These insights allowed me to write web copy that taps into someone’s deep desires and bypass their critical mind.

When I showed my client the results from Chat GPT he went quiet for two minutes.

Then he told me those were the same thoughts he used to have when he was in cashflow crisis.

Now when I write for my clients, I get conversion rates between 30-70%.

Almost unheard of online.

Most people think they are doing great if they get 10% conversions.

You should know Psychitecture, and empathy mapping go beyond buzzwords.

They’re about truly understanding what your visitors want when they come to your website.

For the last 34 years I’ve been helping business owners succeed as evidenced on my LinkedIn profile.

And now I’d like to help you.

While all this talk of AI helping you might sound complex, however this approach is straightforward, and results driven.

Here’s how it works…

When you email me I’ll ask you two easy questions about your website visitors.

Then I’ll merge your answers with my Psychitecture/Empathy mapping formula (that I call RESONATE) into Chat GPT.

I’ll wait while it does its magic.

By the way I realise every industry has its unique challenges.

And I get that your business is different.

That’s why I steer the answers to your unique visitors.

Once I get the answers from Chat GPT I’ll send you an invite to Google Meet call with me.

On the call I’ll go through with you in detail the research Chat GPT came up with.

That way you’ll know exactly how your website visitors think and feel.

What their pains and aspirations really are.

Using Chat GPT in this way represents a change from what you’re doing now.

I get that.

Take the internet for example.

Now I want to go beyond mapping the mind of your visitors.

I want to ensure your success.

I’ll give you a 15-minute strategic overview on how to quickly implement the insights gained from Chat GPT about the real problems and frustrations your website visitors have.

The advantage this gives you is priceless.

  • No more guessing what to write
  • No more hoping people will do business with you
  • And no more low-income months

After I did this for one of my clients from Smart Staff Australia, he told me this was now the most valuable asset his company has.

Knowing how your web visitors think and feel means your message to market will be an exact match.

What’s even better is changing your website copy can be done in an afternoon.

Your conversions will double almost overnight.

At first it might seem hard to accept outside help.

And that trusting your instincts has been crucial in your journey.

But as you know it can be to your benefit to get impartial observations about those that come to your website.

And understand what they really want.

And you’ll an unfair advantage over your competition.

Once you made the changes to your copy, you’ll make more money.

You may have had bad past experiences with marketers.

This time it’s different.

You’re guaranteed results because you’ll be tapping into the advanced proven methods of Chat GPT.

Now trusted by over 180 million people worldwide.

Their website generated 1.6 billion visits in December 2023.

Like when the internet came out – you don’t want to be left behind.

Of course, the choice to act on this is entirely in your hands.

I wish I could make the decision for you.

But unfortunately I can’t.

Only one of two things can happen now.

You let me help you or you go it alone.

You can keep getting the frustrations you have with low conversions from your website.

Or you can get all the new clients you need starting this week.

I urge you to contact me now while it’s fresh on your mind.

My email is clive@clivecable.com.

All you need to do is put the word “Psychitecture” into the subject line.

And I’ll get back to you the same day.

You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Until soon…

Author of Influence Intelligence.

Clive Cable

“Clive is a one-off kind of person who has a remarkably deep knowledge and expertise surrounding web copywriting. I went on his seminar the other night and was amazed by his insight, ideas and practical tips on how to turn your website into a more effective selling machine.

I strongly recommend him.”

James Sale

Best-selling Author of Mapping Motivation

“Clive has been teaching me very advanced skills of persuasion that allows me to maximize my sales and the response rates of my clients.
I’m grateful Clive chose me to work with.”

Christine Marlow

Direct Response Copywriter – direct mail and lead gen specialist.

“Clive Cable is one of the country’s smartest copywriters. His ability to come up with a unique angle on just about any topic amazes me. The term “creative genius” is often overused, but not with Clive. If you are looking for a talented copywriter or some smart marketing ideas for your business, Clive is your man!”

Barry Dunlop. Sales turnaround expert at BarryDunlop.com

The copywriting craftsman is a suiting moniker for Clive Cable as he is an absolute master with his words.

We’ve utilized Clive’s unique mind on several occasions – whether it be bullet fascinations on a sales letter or the copy for a soap opera style email series – he always hits it out of the park!

To be fair, “The Copywriting King” is a much more appropriate title for this man as he ALWAYS gets results.

The last time I hired Clive to assist with a landing page we saw a jump in subscriptions within 2 hours of going live.

Not to mention, each time we speak, I feel like I’ve gained years of knowledge just from our brief conversations. Having access to such a highly skilled professional has proved to be an invaluable asset to my business.

My highest recommendation goes out to Clive Cable.
David Aston

Strategic Growth Strategist and team leader at Neil Patel Accel.