Storytelling in businessStorytelling in Business the easy way.

Watch "Abstract - The Art of Design" on Netflix.

It kicks off with something that will make you think twice about business.

Picture a big board full of iPad-like screens.

All showing nothing but grey.

There's a big yellow light next to it, kind of like those old war movie spotlights.

It's not super bright but definitely yellow.

Here's the surprise…

Turn off the yellow light, switch on regular daylight, and bam – those screens light up with every colour of the rainbow, row by row.

This is exactly what happens with businesses and the word "Brand."

Mention "brand," and suddenly, it's like they can't see any other colours.

Talk to an ad agency?

"Brand awareness" is all you'll hear about.

It's like they've got yellow light blindness.

Web designers?

They obsess over looks and layouts, missing the big picture.

Let's flip the switch.

Forget "brand awareness" for a sec.

Storytelling in Business.

Online, nothing sells without solid copy – the kind of words that show why what you're offering is worth more than the price tag.

Hard to swallow?

I get it.

The "yellow light" can be blinding.

But stick with me.

Don't write this off just yet.

Give me a few minutes, and you'll see what I mean.

Success online - no matter your field - isn't about brand buzz.

It's about what you say and how you say it.

Take the giants for example…

Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn.

Storytelling in business
Not one of them banks on just brand awareness.

Their gold?

Well-crafted words.

Google and YouTube rake in cash through ads – all word-based.

Facebook and every big social platform?

Same deal.

Ads, powered by words, written by pros.

Ever heard of Agora?

They're pulling in billions annually.

Their secret weapon?

A team of top-tier ghostwriters, churning out copy that sells.

"Sales" might sound shady if you've been burned before.

But here, we're all about quality.

Selling, or should I say serving, is what business is fundamentally about.

Serving someone well earns you a reward.

That's business basics.

Improving Business Marketing with Storytelling.Storytelling in business

Now, did you train to be a world-class writer when you started your business?
Probably not. Most people think they can wing it with writing.
But writing that sells is a craft.
Here's a test…
Ask six friends to help you write an ad.
They'll probably say yes.
Next day, ask the same friends to fix your car.

See the difference?

Writing, like mechanics, is a skilled trade.

So, why stories?

Stories stick with us.

They draw us in, light up our brains, and, yes, make us want to buy.

Storytelling in business
It's in our DNA to look for and love stories.

Humans, funny enough, are super easy to influence.

We like to think we're logical, but deep down, we're not.

We're built to be sold to, especially when the truth is told attractively.

Business Storytelling Techniques.

The two story frameworks I like most are:

"Save the Cat" and "The Hero's Journey."

Let's break down these frameworks, compare them, and see how you can use them to make your business more attractive.

"Save the Cat" framework:

1. Opening Image
2. Theme Stated
3. Set-Up
4. Catalyst
5. Debate
6. Break into Two
7. B Story
8. Fun and Games
9. Midpoint
10. Bad Guys Close In
11. All Is Lost
12. Dark Night of the Soul
13. Break into Three
14. Finale
15. Final Image
"The Hero's Journey" Framework:
1. The Ordinary World
2. The Call to Adventure
3. Refusal of the Call
4. Meeting the Mentor
5. Crossing the Threshold
6. Tests, Allies, Enemies
7. Approach to the Inmost Cave
8. The Ordeal
9. Reward (Seizing the Sword)
10. The Road Back
11. Resurrection
12. Return with the Elixir

Comparing the Two:

Save the Cat is all about structure and making sure your story hits specific emotional beats.

It's great for keeping an audience engaged because it's designed around what keeps us hooked – drama, humour, and challenges.

Pros: It's highly structured, making it easier to plot out your story.

Cons: It can feel formulaic if not used creatively.

Blockbuster Example: "The Lego Movie" nails the Save the Cat structure, keeping audiences engaged from start to finish.

The Hero's Journey dives deeper into character development, focusing on transformation and growth.

Unlike Save the cat the hero’s journey reveals the inner and outer transformation of the main character.

It's perfect for stories that aim to inspire or convey a journey of change.

Pros: It adds depth to your story, making it more relatable.

Cons: It can be complex to implement due to its focus on character arcs.

Blockbuster Example: "Star Wars: A New Hope" is a classic Hero’s Journey, taking Luke Skywalker from a farm boy to a galaxy-saving hero.

Using These in Your Business:

Save the Cat for Business: Start with an engaging hook that addresses a common pain point. Outline how your product/service offers a solution,

leading to a satisfying resolution. This framework keeps your message focused and impactful.

Hero's Journey for Business: Showcase your company or product as the mentor in your customer's journey. Highlight challenges they face, how you guide them, and the transformation they experience. It’s a powerful way to build emotional connections.

Using Chat GPT for Business Storytelling.Storytelling in business

Both "Save the Cat" and "The Hero's Journey" offer unique advantages for crafting compelling business stories.

Whether you're structuring a precise, engaging narrative or sharing a transformative journey, these frameworks can help bring your brand story to life. With Chat GPT's assistance, applying these structures becomes less daunting, allowing you to focus on creativity and connection.

Try these storytelling frameworks to tell your background story.

Focus on who you are and why you’re here to help.

They could be the key to faster rapport.

And the quickest way to get your readers to know, like and trust you.

Need a wining campaign?Clive Cable
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They get the human psyche – our insecurities, the masks we wear, and what really drives us.

Find a writer who can speak to your customers' pains better than they can themselves.

That's when your message hits home.

A winning campaign nails these…

1. Grasps your market's real worries and wants.
2. Offers something so good, ignoring it would be nuts.
3. Crafts copy leading irresistibly to your offer.

I've got a killer Chat GPT prompt for digging into your customer's head and another for validating unbeatable offers.

Plus, 34 years in the game, starting with direct mail. Mistakes cost big there, so I learned to get it right first go.

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