These 5 Persuasive Writing Techniques Will Increase Sales

All persuasive writing techniques begin with knowing the person you’re trying to influence. Every sales copywriter knows that in order to be successful you must do the right type of research before you begin to write a single word. Gary Bencivenga says that persuasive writing consists of 40% research, 40% writing, and 20% polishing. So … Read more

The real reason to watch Inventing Anna…

The real reason to watch the Netflix series “Inventing Anna” is to deepen your knowledge of “requisite variety.” Requisite variety states that whoever had the most responses in any given system that person owns that system. (I’m paraphrasing here to make it easier to grasp.) It originally came from cybernetics. But some of the NLP … Read more

The 7 easy rules of copywriting for beginners

Copywriting for beginners

Everything you need to know about copywriting for beginners. Well, almost everything. We’re told on the internet content is king. To put it another way, copy is king. Copy and content are the same. The legendary copywriter John Carlton once said, “Nothing happens in business until the sales copy is written.” And “Nothing happens online … Read more

How to Get Started With Email Copywriting.

Email copywriting

If you want your emails to be read and acted upon, you have to get to know your clients well before you begin your email copywriting. There are plenty of great ways to do this, in this post we’ll look at two powerful approaches. Also in this post we’re going to focus on the latest … Read more

How to use the “hero’s journey” to attract new clients…

Hero journey

If you’ve never heard of the hero’s journey then this article will show you why you need one to attract new clients. Today cynicism is a status symbol. People don’t trust facts. They are inundated with information. They want to believe. They want to have faith in you that you can do what you promise … Read more

The easy way to write an eBook.

Before I show you the easy way to write an eBook I want to show you this. If you’re a consultant, personal trainer, advisor, or a coach, there are only three ways you can make money. They are: Work one to one.     (private consultations.) Work one to many.    (group sessions like seminars or workshops.) Use … Read more

How to sell with stories

How to sell with stories

In this article I’ll show you exactly how to sell with stories. You’ll find insights here you won’t find anywhere else. I have combined two proven story structures that are present in most of the best-selling movies and books. In how to sell with stories you’ll discover a set of tools you can use to … Read more