“Hidden in Plain Sight… The Silent Sales Strategies You’re Missing.

They are in every successful online campaign and yet you can’t see them.

If you could you’d double your sales in seconds.

When explorer James cook went to new lands the natives couldn’t see his ships.

It’s as if they were hidden in plain sight.

But because the people on those islands had never seen a ship before therefore they had no concept of ships.

It was their shaman who trained them. Only then could they see the ships.

Phycologists call this a mental Scotoma. Which means ‘a blind spot in vision.’

If you’re sending traffic to a sales page and you’re not getting the conversions you expected it’s because you have a blind spot to sales copy.

You’re like the natives on the island.

You don’t know what great copy looks like.

And until you do you’ll miss out on sales that should have been yours.

Mechanics Versus Copy

Try this test. Phone six of your friends and tell them you have an advert to write. Say you need their help. Chances are most will say they can help you.

But if you said you had an electrical fault on your car and can they help. Chances are they will give you the phone number of their mechanic.

Why is that?

Why does the average Joe think that writing ads or sales copy requires little or no skill?

Is it because they also have a blind spot?

Malcolm Gladwell made popular the “10,000 hour rule.”

You may have heard of it.

On average it takes 10,000 hours to get good at something.

Take a look at any skilled mechanic.

Behind him or her is at least 10,000 hours.

Now look at direct response copywriters at the top of their game.

Making millions of dollars for their clients.

Behind every one of these is 10,000 hours of finding what works and what doesn’t.

What guarantees to makes sales and what guarantees failure.

There is no exception to this rule…

Knowing this why would any savvy business owner have their copy written by someone without 10,000 hours of experience?

Legendary copywriter John Carlton once said, “Nothing happens until the copy is written.

He was referring to sales copy written by a professional copywriter.

But what if you can’t afford to spend $10,000 or $20,000 to hire a good copywriter?

The next best thing is to have your copy critiqued by someone who can see what you can’t see.

Someone who looks at sales copy and knows exactly what must be done to fix it.

And double sales almost immediately.

I’m Clive Cable.

I’ll introduce myself properly in just a moment.

With 33 years under my belt, I’ve crafted sales messages that made businesses hundreds of thousands almost overnight.

Whether it was a waste disposal business where one copy campaign made over $600,000 in 4 months.

Or cleaning business that pulled in just over $1.3 million in its first year.

Or a small venture that grew earnings from $7,500 to $86,000 a month with one marketing campaign. My track record is clear.

I’ve done it, and I’m here to help you do it too.

I’ve just started an agency with two brilliant business minded men.Alex Moses  and Patrick Taylor.

Together we have at least 70,000 hours of business excellence and sales copy experience.

And as we’ve just combined talent our aim is to do what other agencies either won’t or can’t.

When you send us the URL of your underperforming sales copy we’ll critique it free.

AWAI – the largest copywriting school in the world – published price guides for agencies and business owners.

This helps by keeping fees standard across all industries.

The fee for a copy critique is in the screen shot below.

As you can see, others charge an average of $800 to give you precise pointers on what to do to make your copy stronger.

We go one further.

We give you a step by step plan and walk you through it so you grasp exactly what you must do to increase your conversions.

But there’s a catch.

This free critique ends on October 31st.

After that it’s at least $800.

Book your free copy critique call using the calendar below.

Here’s what the experts say about Clive Cable…

One of the country’s smartest copywriters…

“Clive Cable is one of the country’s smartest copywriters. His ability to come up with a unique angle on just about any topic amazes me. The term “creative genius” is often overused, but not with Clive. If you are looking for a talented copywriter or some smart marketing ideas for your business, Clive is your man!”
Barry Dunlop. Sales turnaround expert at BarryDunlop.com

I strongly recommend him…

“Clive is a one-off kind of person who has a remarkably deep knowledge and expertise surrounding web copywriting. I went on his seminar the other night and was amazed by his insight, ideas and practical tips on how to turn your website into a more effective selling machine.
James Sale
Best-selling Author of Mapping Motivation

Very advanced skills of persuasion…

“Clive has been teaching me very advanced skills of persuasion that allows me to maximize my sales and the response rates of my clients. 
I’m grateful Clive chose me to work with.”
Christine Marlow
Direct Response Copywriter – direct mail and lead gen specialist.

My highest recommendation goes out to Clive Cable.

The copywriting craftsman is a suiting moniker for Clive Cable as he is an absolute master with his words.
We’ve utilized Clive’s unique mind on several occasions – whether it be bullet fascinations on a sales letter or the copy for a soap opera style email series – he always hits it out of the park!
To be fair, “The Copywriting King” is a much more appropriate title for this man as he ALWAYS get’s results.
The last time I hired Clive to assist with a landing page we saw a jump in subscriptions within 2 hours of going live.
Not to mention, each time we speak, I feel like I’ve gained years of knowledge just from our brief conversations. Having access to such a highly skilled professional has proved to be an invaluable asset to my business.
David Aston
Strategic Growth Strategist and team leader at Neil Patel Accel.

Thoroughly recommended!

“This guy’s a complete star when it comes to explaining how to write effective copy for Direct Response marketing, E-mail marketing and Web marketing!
It is quite staggering who he has studied and what he has achieved in this field. After each of our sessions I was completely blown away!
Adrian Stephenson
Freelance PPC and maestro of creating profitable Pay Per Click marketing campaigns.

Clive Cable is a master of persuasion.

The first thing I read from Clive had me racing down the page in excitement, glued to every word… and I found myself clicking the order button, not fully aware until after I hit the order page.
Clearly, I needed to know what made Clive’s effective Jedi Mind Tricks so influential.
And that journey of discovery has changed my life.
They’ve boosted my income.
And opened my eyes to aspects of human nature I never imagined existed.
Clive is an impressive man. His writing will make you money. If you need to sell anything, Clive Cable is your guy.”
Kevin Dawson
Copy Chief. Financial Copywriter. And email marketing manager for brands doing $700k – $2 million annually.

“Has an email ever saved your life?

Well, Clive’s email did save my life.

OK, maybe I’m a little too dramatic, but that’s how I felt when I received his email asking me if I needed help getting clients.
I had been working for months without being able to land my first gig.

When he received my desperate cry for help, he scheduled a call on Skype and little did I know it was the beginning of my successful career.

He gave me some precious advice on how to improve my copywriting (which worked great because you’re still reading) and I was able to sign my first contract a week later.

What makes it special working with Clive is, he doesn’t just give you the course and leaves you on your own. He guides you through and makes sure you apply it AND get your dream results.

If quality is your keyword, then Clive is the person you are looking for.”
Barinthia Scarlett. Digital Marketing Strategist and copywriter.

I would recommend him if you are looking to take your copy and business to the next level.”

“Before Working with Clive my copywriting on my website was below average.
When I started working with Clive he had a step by step process to help me upgrade and dial in my messaging on my website which resulted in me filling my program and increasing my sales.
Clive was fun to work with and provided great insight to think differently about copywriting.
Ruth Wilson. Online course creator.

Bottom line: Clive delivers. If you study with him — or even just take his advice — be prepared to enjoy your new smarts, savvy and skill.”

“When I received an email promoting a copywriting class with Clive Cable, I was intrigued. But I wondered if the time and money would be worth it.
In the end, I looked at it as an investment to increase my value to my clients and my business. So I took the plunge.
I was not disappointed. Far from it.
Clive’s insights went far beyond the “benefits vs. features” tactics common to most copywriting instruction. We delved into new areas of study that I never even knew existed. Now I’m using them to my advantage every day.
He was also generous with his time, knowledge and resources. I still can’t believe how many copywriting secrets he shared.
Bottom line: Clive delivers. If you study with him — or even just take his advice — be prepared to enjoy your new smarts, savvy and skill.”
Laima Rastikis
Writing for Business & Government. Online Content. Marketing Communication Strategy. Project Management.

I’ve never met anyone as well read in the field of selling and copywriting as him.

“Clive is a master salesman – both in person and in the written word (online and in print). I’ve never met anyone as well read in the field of selling and copywriting as him.
One of his direct mail sales letters got a 24% response rate and bought him a five-bedroom farmhouse in Dorset, England.
If he lets you hire him, then snap him up before your competitor does. He’ll make you a LOT of money.
He’s also a very decent human being, a rarity in the world of business.”
Eldo Barkhuizen.
Arrow write. Money Making emails.

A veteran copywriter who has years of experience…

“My first interaction with Clive was wonderful. In our first conversation I realized that I’m talking to a veteran copywriter who has years of experience and a huge amount of knowledge of persuasion, copywriting and marketing. He is one of the best copywriting and marketing experts I’ve ever come across. Clive is from a unique breed of advertisers who believe in talking less and doing more.”
Hamzah Qutub.
Inhouse Lawyer at Minerva studios private limited.

If you need copywriting help, highly recommend you work with Clive!

As a conversion rate optimization consultant, I often need someone to work with who can help me produce web copy that converts. I have worked with Clive on several occasions now, and he never fails to deliver.
Once, I referred a client to him (an internet marketer with a well-known product) and Clive was able to create the video sales copy within two days. When I read the copy it was absolutely spot-on – the language was uncomplicated, the copy was concise and very compelling.
What I most appreciate about Clive as a copywriter is the fact that he really takes the needed time to understand your market and your audience. Well that and the fact that he’s always learning about marketing, copywriting, salesmanship, business, always improving himself and his craft.
When I need any help with copywriting, it’s very reassuring to know that Clive is on my speed dial (and you should, too)!
Saying all this though, I don’t just vouch for Clive’s copywriting skills. As long as I have known Clive, I have witnessed him generously and selflessly give his time, his knowledge, skills, insights, leadership, wisdom and experience to anybody who asks for it.
Trustworthy, generous, caring, authentic and reliable, Clive has become a colleague, a mentor, a coach and a treasured friend to me and other entrepreneurs in our mastermind circle. If you need copywriting help, highly recommend you work with Clive!
Marg Galangco.
Copywriter. Content Marketer and digital marketing strategist.

Clive has an encyclopedic knowledge of copywriting and marketing.

He is generous with his time and experience and is always willing to help and advise. I have worked with Clive on several projects and have found him to be reliable, enthusiastic and professional in his approach.
Ivor Murray Meditations Ltd.

Clive is a first-rate master copywriter

Simply put, Clive is a first-rate master copywriter. The way he creatively crafts his words on paper (or the screen) draws people’s attention in and gets results! I recommend you speaking with Clive about what he can offer you and your company.
Bethany Splide
Entrepreneur visionary former pro athlete