These 5 Persuasive Writing Techniques Will Increase Sales

All persuasive writing techniques begin with knowing the person you’re trying to influence. Every sales copywriter knows that in order to be successful you must do the right type of research before you begin to write a single word. Gary Bencivenga says that persuasive writing consists of 40% research, 40% writing, and 20% polishing. So … Read more

The real reason to watch Inventing Anna…

The real reason to watch the Netflix series “Inventing Anna” is to deepen your knowledge of “requisite variety.” Requisite variety states that whoever had the most responses in any given system that person owns that system. (I’m paraphrasing here to make it easier to grasp.) It originally came from cybernetics. But some of the NLP … Read more

Instant Influence – just add story.

Hero's Journey

If you want instant influence, you’re in luck. That’s because this post will reveal to you how to persuade people to buy without using sales gimmicks, hype, or deceit. Indeed, in just moments you’ll discover: How to get your readers to know like and trust you. A surprisingly simple way to get people curious about … Read more

What are the Four Learning Styles?

One of my favourite cartoonists is Gary Larson, because like me he has a bizarre sense of humour. You may know about the four main personality styles, even if you don’t, the joke still works. In the first picture you see a man near a table that has a glass half full of water on … Read more

Writing to Sell

Email writing

Here’s a quick quiz on writing to sell. Question 1: True or false, “longer sales messages work better than shorter sales messages”. Question 2: True or false, “People don’t want to read what you write.” Question 3: True or false, “email is still the best marketing channel not social media.” Question 4: True or false, … Read more