The real reason to watch Inventing Anna…

The real reason to watch the Netflix series “Inventing Anna” is to deepen your knowledge of “requisite variety.”

Requisite variety states that whoever had the most responses in any given system that person owns that system.

(I’m paraphrasing here to make it easier to grasp.)

It originally came from cybernetics. But some of the NLP guys claim it’s a part of their discipline.

In other words requisite variety means the more responses you have to a situation the more in command you are of that situation.

Here are a few examples.

Great salespeople know how to get part any objection because they have requisite variety.

Chess players know more openings, can play a better middle game and their end game is superb, it’s because they have requisite variety.

In any area of life, whether it’s business, coaching, parenting, etc., it’s requisite variety that helps you win the day.

If someone is trying to trick you and you have a full knowledge of how scam artists work, again you have requisite variety. You can spot the warning signs early and avoid being taken in by these types of people.

As you can see it’s a very useful addition to add to your skillset.

Now, as you begin to watch the series “Inventing Anna” you’ll see requisite variety in action.

In the first episode you’ll see Anna’s myriad of facial expressions.

If you’ve ever studied mirco-expressions form Paul Ekman or read the book, “Emotionomics” by Dan Hill this episode is a great advancement to learning about facial expressions and what they mean.

As the series progress you’ll see a number of useful learning experiences when Anna uses her requisite variety.

The scene where she is trying to get her boyfriend to call her back is delightful and instructional.

As the series progresses you’ll see the journalist – Vivian – expand her request variety to get what she wants.

She quickly learns from her failures and begins to turn around her situation in a favourable way.

This she does in spite of her past threatening to destroy her.

The thing to keep in mind about Anna is not what she does but how she does it.

Especially the scene on the yacht where she gets a millionaire to invest after he had already said no.

Requisite variety is one of the most important skills to acquire in business and in life.

I can almost guarantee that right now someone in your business dealings is outsmarting you because their requisite variety is greater than yours.

As I can’t be there in person to show you how to use this skill and find ways of seeing it in action, the next best thing is for you to watch “Inventing Anna.”

I love the tagline.

“This story is completely true except for all the parts that are totally made up.”

One last thing from the series.

Anna’s backstory.

It prevents anyone from questioning her authority, credibility, and believability.

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