Become a non-believer in the aging process

One of my biggest inspirations is the book “Age is just a number” by Charles Eugster. On the back of the book is a photo of Charles water skiing.

At the age of 63 he took up competitive rowing. At 87 he took up bodybuilding. And at the age of 95 he started sprinting for the fist time in his life. He is also a world-record holding athlete.

If he can do all this, then why can’t we?

After reading this book I chose to up my game. I’m 68 and last year I run four half-marathons (13.1 miles) in 10 days. Recently I ran a very hilly 12 miles as a time-trial. I looked back three months earlier to the last time I run this route, this time I was 18 minutes faster.

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